March 12, 2022WordPress is more widely used Over 75 million websites are currently using WordPress, which means that a larger number of people are familiar with it and there are more WordPress experts available for hire. WordPress powers 34% of the internet for a reason. It’s a stable, reliable platform that’s trusted by millions of people around the world. Wix and SquareSpace may be growing in popularity, but they’re still nowhere near as popular as WordPress. WordPress is also more flexible you have the ability to create any type of website you want. Wix and SquareSpace are limited to specific types of websites. WordPress offers a vast array of plugins and themes to choose from, which means you can really customize your website to fit your specific needs. Wix and SquareSpace are much more limited in this regard, so if you want complete control over your website’s design and functionality, WordPress is the way to go. Wix and SquareSpace charge monthly fees for their services, while WordPress is free Additionally, there are many free plugins and themes available for WordPress, whereas Wix and SquareSpace charge for most add-ons. If you’re on a tight budget, WordPress is the clear winner. It’s a free, open-source platform that can be used for a variety of websites and applications. While Wix and SquareSpace do have free plans, they’re very limited in terms of features and customization. [...]
March 3, 2022Setting up a WordPress site requires several steps and if it’s your first time, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t be alarmed, SiteVirtue is here to help! Choose your hosting plan SiteVirtue offers a variety of hosting plans to fit the needs of any small business. The first step is to choose a hosting plan that’s right for you. We offer a variety of plans to suit any need, so you can find the perfect fit for your website. Select your domain name Your domain name is how customers will find you online, so it’s important to choose one that’s memorable and easy to spell. We offer a variety of domain name options, so you can find the perfect one for your business. Click here to search for an available domain. Install WordPress Once you have your hosting and domain set up, you can install WordPress with just a few clicks. Our easy-to-use control panel makes it simple to get started, and our expert support team is always here to help if you need it. Start building your site! Now that WordPress is installed, you’re ready to start building your site! You can add pages, posts, images, and more to make your site exactly what you want it to be. [...]
February 19, 2022Invest in SEO Your website needs to be seen to be believed. SiteVirtue offers hosting packages that come with free SEO tools to help you get started. Use these tools to research the right keywords for your website and make sure your site appears high in search engine results. If you want customers to find your website, you need to make sure it’s search engine friendly. That means optimizing your site for the right keywords and making sure your content is high quality. Advertise online and on social media Don’t be shy about promoting your site. Make sure your customers can find you by advertising your website on social media. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help bring customers to your website. You can use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your content and drive traffic to your site. Use social media integration tools to post updates and links to your site automatically. Another great way to bring customers to your website is to advertise online. You can use Google AdWords or other advertising platforms to reach potential customers who are searching for what you have to offer. Use email marketing Keep your customers coming back for more. Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more. With email marketing tools, it’s easy to design beautiful newsletters and send them out to your list of subscribers with just a few clicks. [...]
January 14, 2022Select a professional WordPress theme A great way to give your website a polished, professional look is to choose a high-quality WordPress theme. There are many available online, ranging in price from free to premium. Do some research and select one that fits both your budget and your vision for your website. Use custom branding Once you have selected your theme, take some time to add custom branding to really make your website stand out. Add your logo, select a color scheme that reflects your brand, and add any other personal touches that will make your website unique. Install relevant plugins In order to fully take advantage of all that WordPress has to offer, be sure to install relevant plugins. For example, if you want to sell products on your website, install a WooCommerce plugin. There are plugins available for just about anything you could want to do with your website, so take some time to explore what’s available. Start creating content Once your site is set up, it’s time to start creating content. Write blog posts, create pages for your products or services, and start connecting with your audience. [...]